The magazine was started back in 2017 under Sleuth Cafe.  Since that time Amber and I decided we should cater to all genres so we could help everyone.  We called it the Bistro but since had to change the name and it is now Babs BookMark.


Babs Hightower is an avid reader and blog owner.  She has been reviewing books and helping authors since 2008. In 2013 became a publicist with a couple of publishers and with BTSE magazine. Being a ghost writer for two years brought on her love of writing. Writing for various authors and their blogs helped her to see authors are real people too.They need help just like the rest of us. Freelancing as a publicist to various authors keep her on her toes.

She enjoys running her blogs and helping authors and readers connect. When she has free time she loves to cook, make crafts, spend time outdoors and spending time with her family.  


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