BBM is a bi-monthly emagazine. Free to read – will be uploaded to Issuu and available to all devices.

BBM will be promoted all across social media and blogs.

  1. The material to be advertised, must be author or book related. Editing, proofing or promotional services are fine, if this service is geared towards authors. BBM  reserves the right to reject any content not following these guidelines and the customer refunded.
  2. The advertising must be PG/PG-13 related, even if the book is not. We don’t discriminate books of any nature, but Issuu’s policies prevent anything else.
  3. If BBMis to design the ads, the materials must be received in a timely matter, and at least 10 days before the first of the month that the advertisement is intended.
  4. If BBM designs your ad, you may use it on your own personal websites and social media, but it cannot be used in another magazine publication other than BBM.
  5. In exchange, BBM will place the ad in the issue it’s  intended to be in, and send links when the issue goes live.